Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Colors of Haiti - Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití

Kevin Levin's New eBook, "The Colors of Haiti - Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití"

Kevin Levin's ebook about "Haiti's Colors....Los Colores de Haiti" can be purchased on Amazon Kindle right here.

You can purchase a copy of this ebook on Amazon.com now.

Book Review

"The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití" is a reading ebook about the beautiful colors of all things Haitian. It's about the beautiful color of most Haitians as in 'grimo, grimèl and marabou,' the color of the sky and the ocean, the bright colors of Tap Tap, taxis, and buses. It's about the color of Haitian Carnival, rara, popular bands, and Jalouzi neighborhood. Most importantly, it's about the bright colors that Haitians enjoy wearing, the colors of 'pèpè' or used clothes for sale in all Haitian markets. It's also about the colors of the treeless mountains that are being grilled by the Caribbean sun. Trees are like hats that cover the head of the mountain. They are like teeth in the mouth of the country.

"The Colors of Haiti – Koulè Ayiti – Los Colores de Haití" is an ebook that encourages Haitians to plant fruit trees and all the great trees that made the country the pearl of the Antilles.

(Caimito, Caimite, Star Apple, Pomme du lait)


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