Saturday, August 20, 2011

Children's Book About Haiti: "Pa Ponpe sou Kabann nan - Stop Jumping on the Bed..."

Bilingual Story Delivered in PDF: This children's story is written in English and Haitian Creole. Use Paypal to Purchase a copy now:

Review of the ebook

Purchase a copy of "Pa Ponpe sou Kabann Nan - Stop Jumping on the Bed!.... from amazonKindle or KDP
Pa Ponpe Sou Kabann nan! – Stop Jumping on the Bed! - No Salten en la Cama! is the story of six siblings: Lili, Lala, Lolo, Lila, Lola and Lele who could never stop jumping on their parents' bed until a series of mishaps and accidents started taking place. Manman Baba and Papa Bibi's kids were only afraid of the housemaid who often complained about having to clean up all these children's mess. One day, Manman Baba stayed home and found out how much headache her children can give to the sitter and maid. Find out what happened to the kids and why they finally decided to change and stop messing around so much.

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